China Sinda provides comprehensive IP strategies in line with client business plans, including IP law, regulation and policy counseling, an enterprise’s own IP optimization deployment, IP creation, corresponding implementation planning and support and application process management/quality control. It also:

  • Assists in establishing IP management and operation systems and teams;
  • Provides enterprises and institutions with R&D project-oriented counseling, IP asset management, domestic and foreign patent early warning and forward/reverse IP risk assessment and investigation;
  • Tracks competitors’ IP activities, and advises on and implements coping strategies/action plans;
  • Provides IP asset assessment and IP insurance strategy counseling;
  • Proposes and implements IP dispute resolution strategies, and provides counseling on legal advice, follow-up strategies and implementation plans for IPR transaction/transfer/ authorization/licensing/cross-licensing/M&A;
  • Provides IP due diligence and tailors coping strategies and implementation plans to clients’ IP affairs, and does follow-up actions.
  • IP Planning & Deployment

  • IP Management & Operation

  • IPR Transfer & Licensing

  • IP Due Diligence

  • IP Risk Assessment

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