• Litigation

    China Sinda has processed a large number of prominent cases in the IP field for domestic and foreign clients by seeking infringement clues, providing legal advice, collecting case evidence, formulating litigation strategies, applying for litigation preservation (including behavior preservation, evidence preservation and property preservation before and during litigation), and implementing negotiations and reconciliations on behalf of clients.

  • Administrative Complaint

    Administrative complaints against intellectual property infringements are advantageous due to fast procedure, low cost and involvement of administrative authorities. China Sinda has lodged on behalf of clients a large number of administrative complaints with the patent, trademark and copyright administrative authorities throughout China according to the case characteristics and clients’ instructions. It has achieved positive results such as quickly fixing the evidence of infringement and promptly ceasing the infringements. For infringements and counterfeiting suspected of forming criminal offences, China Sinda also assists clients in reporting to public security authorities, as well as co-operating and advancing the handling of criminal cases according to the case characteristics.

  • Customs Protection

    With a team dedicated to providing IP customs filing and protection services, China Sinda can efficiently and timely suppress and eliminate IP infringements, even criminal acts, related to imports and exports.

  • Domain Name Related Services

    They include registration, management and maintenance, negotiated purchase, arbitration and complaint, and litigation on behalf of clients. China Sinda has represented a large number of clients and lodged complaints with the Beijing and Hong Kong Secretariats of the Asia Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center, accumulating extensive experience in resolving domain name disputes.

  • Infringement Investigation & Evidence Collection

    With an experienced IP investigation team, China Sinda offers services such as IP infringement clue, infringement subject and infringement fact investigations. It also assists rights holders to collect and provide evidence through notarization and preservation.

  • IP Complaints on E-commerce Platforms

    File complaints on behalf of IP rights owners against infringement & counterfeiting on the major domestic E-commerce platforms.

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